Brukel v1.0.2 is now live!

I have addressed a number of issues.

Changes Made

  • Running is now available throughout the entire game (unless you are crouching).
  • The cellphone view now closes when you open the settings menu. There was a conflict that occurred sometimes when both were open at the same time.
  • A tutorial message about turning on light switches will appear if you do not use any light switches before it gets dark in chapter 1.
  • The panel in front of the corner cabinet in the fancy room during chapter 1 does not interfere with detection of the corner cabinet anymore.
  • A "sensitivity" option was added to the settings menu that adjusts the sensitivity of both the mouse and the analogue stick that is assigned to looking for your gamepad.
  • The time to move 100 Unreal units before you get hurt in the battlefield has been increased from 2~3 seconds to 3~4 seconds. This gives you some extra time to get to the stable.
  • The player needs to move further away from where Bertha will spawn in the dark stable for her to spawn. I could not replicate the issue that a few people voiced about them being able to sneak past Bertha before they are supposed to, but this will make doing so at least a little more difficult.

Have fun with the new and improved version of Brukel and please let me know in the comments below if you find more issues.

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