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You are trespassing in the abandoned childhood home of your 92-year-old grandmother. You have been fascinated by the stories about her youth years for most of your life, but last summer you finally decided to record her reminiscing so that you can share these stories with the online world. Now all you need are some pictures of the house and maybe some of the objects that are still in there. If only the owners would have replied to your phone calls...

Brukel is a first-person exploration game that is centered around the memories of Bie Verlinden, the grandmother of Belgian game designer Bob De Schutter. Players visit the abandoned Brukel farmhouse and use their smartphone camera to illustrate Bie's authentic stories. As time passes, the house takes players on an emotional journey through some of the traumatic events that Bie lived through.

The game’s primary mechanic is using a camera phone to take pictures of various items in the house. When you correctly identify and take a shot of an item, you hear Bie tell a story related to the object.

However, as the night goes on, the ghosts of Bie’s past emerge as her stories take a darker turn. Are you ready to experience the hardship that Bie lived through as a teenage girl?

Key features

  • An intense and emotional journey that accurately portrays the memories of a 92-year-old grandmother in her own voice (spoken in a Flemish dialect with English subtitles).
  • No combat, light puzzles and a smartphone camera that features digital zoom, exposure and focus range.
  • A short game that you can experience in about an hour.
  • For fans of Gone Home, Silent Hill and This War Of Mine.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Brukel v1.0.0 2 GB
Version 1.0.0


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I will be all over this as soon as I have some spare cash. Echoing that I love the concept and the game looks gorgeous.

Thanks so much! <3

Let me know how it went!

No demo ?

It's a 60-90 minute game. Would a demo really help?



Hmmmm, I am debating on whether or not I want to purchase this . . .


Happy to answer any questions you might have.


Seems like a real cool concept.


Thanks! The reviews have been pretty good so far. Let me know how you liked it if you decide to give it a go.


Once i get paid next week I will gladly pay to play this game. What an amazing way to bring a piece of history to life for all to see. If more people did this with tales from our past,from loved ones who survived traumatic and major events in history, imagine how many more people would be interested in learning about the past so we can ensure it doesn't happen again in the future.


Thank you so much! I'm with you there; I really hope that Brukel is one of many games using this concept. The Conversation actually published an article about it if you would like to see some other examples of this type of game. Let me know how you liked it!